USA   Nyltec Polymers is proud to say that we're an American company owned by Verterans of the US Armed Forces and NyLester™ is 100% made in the USA.
Latest Press Release:
New Engineering Resin! Nyltec Polymers has a patent pending
process that combines Nylon with recycled PET (NyLester™)

Marietta, GA - September 1, 2018 - Nyltec Polymers (, a newly formed company in Georgia, has created a new resin similar to nylon, by compounding a proprietary Nylon with recycled PET. What Nyltec Polymers has created is a resin pellet (NyLester™) that costs much less to produce, extrudes like Nylon and can compete with Nylon in Injection Molding, Roto-Molding, Thermoforming, Blow Molding and 3D Printing Powder.

Patrick H. Patin, President of Nyltec Polymers, added, “We truly believe that Nylester™ is a game-changer in the engineered resin industry. Not only can we make Nylester™ clear or in any color imaginable but we can use a Disperse Dying process which creates a much more refined and longer lasting colored product than Acid Dying (which is commonly used with Nylon). And best of all, Nylester™ is less expensive than Nylon and can save a company a significant amount of money on their engineered resin costs. And there’s more… Nylester™ is made from 90% Post-Consumer PET and is 100% Recyclable.”

Nyltec Polymers had samples of Nylester™ professionally ASTM tested by ARDL in Akron, OH. The results were EXACTLY the same as Nylon 6 regarding Izod Impact D256A, Flexural Modulus & Strength D790. The entire ASTM testing datasheet can be found on their website.

Currently, Nyltec Polymers has a limited supply of sample Nylester™ pellets and powder. And while the sample may not be free, the cost of the sample will be deducted from your first order.

Contact Patrick Patin at: or (404) 274-4381. For more information and to view the datasheet for Nylester™ goto
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