FAQs About NyLester™
NyLester™ is a brand new Engineering Resin developed by Nyltec Polymers in Marietta, GA. Via a proprietary process (patent pending), Nyltec Polymers is able to do the impossible by blending Nylon with recycled PET. The end product, called NyLester™, has the durability, usability and chemical resistance of Nylon but is much less expensive to manufacture because NyLester™ is 90% recycled PET. And we would like to pass those savings on to your company.
NyLester™ was recently tested at ARDL in Akron, OH and the tests show that NyLester™ is just as durable as Nylon 6. See the results for yourself!
ASTM Test Method NyLester™ Nylon 6   Spec Sheet   MSDS
Izod Impact ASTM D256A 0.359 0.4
Flexural Modulus, 103 psi (23℃) ASTM D790 349 333
Flexural Strength psi (Rupture or Yield) ASTM D790 12,755 13,500
Tensile Strength - Yield or Break ASTM D638 8000 - 8800 6500 - 8500
We currently sell NyLester™ for $1.35 / lb. What are you paying for PA6 (Nylon 6)? NyLester™ is comparable to PA6 in every way and all you have to do to start saving money is to call us for a SAMPLE and do the comparison for yourself!

Toughness And Function:
NyLester™ is a brand new Engineering Resin that is perfect for injection molding, is chemical and solvent resistant and has an excellent Surface Appearance. ASTM testing has also proven that NyLester™ is as durable as PA6. Plus, after being Injection Molded, NyLester™ falls right out of the mold - no sticking, no mess, no fuss. It is best suited for the following industries:
Injection Molding Roto-Molding Blow Molding
Extrusion Thermoforming Auto Parts

Most Nylons are Acid Dyed so the color fades or peels away. But NyLester™ is Dispersal Dyed so the color is more vivid, will never peel and resists fading. In addition, we offer NyLester™ in clear, black/green and any custom color you desire. NyLester™ is also offered in powder form for 3D Laser Printing. But that's not all!

Environmentally Friendly:
NyLester™ is also good for the environment. NyLester™ is made from 90% Post-Consumer Waste (PET) and is 100% Recyclable!

We can fulfill any order size. Call us today so you can start saving money with NyLester™ tomorrow!
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